I started playing guitar in 1991 on my aunt's old Martin. Now that same guitar is featured on my debut solo album. In between now and then I have had the opportunity to develop my musical perspective and skill from working in a variety of successful gigging bands.
From 1994 - 98 I began my journey with the electric guitar.  I wielded my Stratocaster in a high school band aptly named "The Phat Band". After high school I joined a fusion jazz 7 piece band named "Sound Scope".  I really started to learn to be a piece of a larger soundscape, as well as how to play supporting rhythm for other soloists. 
From 2001 - 2003 I formed "Blue Mountain Groove".  As a four peice band with a strong work ethic,  we were able to tour the east coast and play up to 12 gigs per month. This band retired after some members made other life choices.

From 2003 - 2004 I lead a 3 piece band on electric guitar and vocals named "Gelatin Skeleton". We had a blast composing intricate instrumentals and covering classic tunes from the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and the Funky Meters to name a few. 
From 2004 - 2007 I had the opportunity to play electric bass guitar for a Funk Mob party band out of James Madison University named "Midnight Spaghetti & the Chocolate G-strings". After much practice, I became a very proficient and sometimes super-funky bass player. We cut an album called "Velour on the floor".  This was a seriously fun band, but I had lived in Virginia most of my life and was making plans to move to Oregon where I could start a new life adventure.   

I moved to Oregon in 2007 and played guitar with singer/song writer Ben Fuller. in 2009 I moved up to Mt. Hood to work as the manager of Reed College's "Ski Cabin". Over the last 9 years living on Mt. Hood, I have been focusing on acoustic guitars and slide playing.
My passion for arranging acoustic guitars came when I got my first reso-phonic guitar in 2014. My National tricone sounded bold, and my ear steered my glass slide to points of truth. I was in love. I began dialing in my slide tone and reso-phonic playing styles. Early in 2015 I bought my first square-neck dobro, and began learning to control a steel tone bar. The trifecta was complete.  I am proud to introduce "Glass Wood & Steel".