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​Eric Kallio has been playing the 6-string guitar since 1991.  While growing up in Virginia, he formed a band with his grade school friends and started quickly learning how to perform live music.  His early influences include the Allman Brothers, Greatful Dead, Bela-fleck & the Fleck-tones, David Grisman, Jon Scofield, and Bob Marley among many others.  His style grew from the seeds of folk, blues, rock, country,  americana, jazz, and roots reggae.

He didn't stop with the 6-string.  He also learned how to play the role of the bass and the drums.  He started to implement these skills by producing hobby records at home and by performing the bass in a touring funk band.  In 2007 he moved to Oregon.  

Eric then started to identify and practice his singing voice by attending various open mic's, and continuing to produce recordings at home.  As his ear grew sharper, his interests turned to fret-less instruments.  He starting experimenting with the square-neck and round-neck resonator guitars.  A new level of expression was found without the limits of a well defined 12-note system.  By using a slide, every micro-tone can be used in the same way as the human voice.

Eric produced and released his first solo acoustic album in 2016 entitled "Glass Wood & Steel". This title represents his own brand of producing music with guitars that are played with a glass slide, a steel bar, and a standard flat-pick.  Layering these instruments and playing styles helped him to create a texture that was more lucid than anything he had heard before.

He has just finished his second solo album entitled "Life Force".  This latest production incudes the "Glass Wood & Steel" method, but takes the production process further to include other artists on the violin, flutes, and percussion.  Eric adds his bass playing and drum skills to create a very detailed record.  "Life Force" will be released in September of 2019.

When performing live, Eric presents his original music, as well as carefully selected cover songs when permitted.  Listeners get a chance to hear one artist express himself with three uniquely American guitars and playing styles.